Thursday, October 6, 2011


You know, our health is nothing to mess around with.  I know, some of us are disgustingly healthy, over-all; and, I know, some of us are crazy hypochondriacs (or afraid of becoming one!) but we need to educate ourselves about things that can seriously affect our lives.  As in, end our lives or, if you're lucky, just change them in a drastic way.  To find out which month of the year focuses on which health issue, you can visit the PCI Health Training Center's Health Awareness Monthly Calendar for more information.  They'll also give you links to each site that can educate you about the specific issue that may have touched your life.

I have two issues that have, in a very small way, touched my life so October is the month for me.  The two issues celebrated in October (yes, "celebrated," you'll understand why as I go on) are for Spina Bifida Awareness and Breast Cancer Awareness.  Neither one have affected me, personally, but I'm friends with those it has.  One has the BRCA gene (which guarantees an 87% chance of having breast cancer and over a 30% chance of having ovarian cancer) and the other friend has a child born with Spina Bifida. 

I'm going to ask interview-style questions of each lady and post them here this month so you'll get at least two more posts before the month is out.  The first one will be for Breast Cancer Awareness.  This can affect both men and women (yes, men, you can get breast cancer, too. Be vigilant!) but my focus in the interview is (obviously) going to be more toward the feminine POV.  There are things you can do and places you can go to get information on either of these life-changing issues and I'll try to have links to them.  One place you can go to support research for breast cancer is Harry & David, a site that specializes in pears. Yes, pears! They have special ones for the month of October to benefit breast cancer research, chocolate dipped pears that have been dipped in two blends of chocolate, one of them pink. (droooool!)  If you know someone you'd like to show support for, this is a good way.  They're a little pricey, but, remember, 20% of the proceeds from these particular pears go to breast cancer research.
Not a bad way to be extravagant OR show your support!
(stay tuned!)

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