Friday, June 5, 2009

Music.... of the Night?

Okay.... so, I've tweaked my blog page (cool!), I've played with my Bamboo Fun tablet (double cool!), now I need to work on my writing....

Not necessarily on here, tho'. I've committed myself to our song leader that I want to write next year's Easter cantata for our choir.


Have I lost my mind!? Maybe I should just go have myself committed! To Ward B!!!

I'm very much afraid that, if I do manage to pull this off and write the darn thing, I may be in for a lynching. See, the choir members will have to LEARN SPEAKING PARTS!!! That's right, No Narrator!! Well, yes, a Narrator, but ONLY for brief bits. I want monologues for Mary the mother of Jesus (me bestest bud's done been recruited for that, already! She should be used to being volunteered, she was in the Army, after all! HAHAHAHA!), Mary the sister of Lazarus, Mary from whom seven demons were cast out, Peter and Paul. Oh! And one more that has to do with.... well, THAT one's going to be the last monologue. Won't be an apostle or one of Jesus' contemporaries, either. Hmm... maybe.... o.0 Now I have to think about that!!

See what I mean! Committed!! AUGH!

And I still have to get the music to go with it. I don't want anything our pianist has to play ('nother story.... and one that will never be told) or put any pressure on her, but I don't want anything too difficult, either. Our choir's good, but we could NOT pull off Handle's Messiah! So I'm reduced to scouring for music that's on a CD that's still a split trac so we can have the singing to learn from and the music for the actual night....

Well, that's what song leaders are for.... to Lead The Way to the Music! HAHA!!! He don' know it, yet, but he done BEEN recruited, too!! HAHA!

Now... where are those committal papers?