Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I don't suppose I should really call it "labor" in that it's not really difficult... or, it hasn't been.  I've written a goodly amount of poetry over the years, a lot of it in gratitude toward, and dedicated to, our military Veterans.  My most recent foray, "Tears From The Deep," I sent to a group called Sons and Daughters of Pearl Harbor Survivors and told them, if they liked it, they could use it how they saw fit.  Well, dear readers, they saw fit to publish it in their quarterly newletter! You can read/see it on the on-line, PDF version of the newsletter, if you want, just go here to see it.  I was totally honored (and a weeeeeee bit excited) when I saw that, yes, they had actually printed it.  As I've said before, we just can't thank our Vets enough, but let's do our best to do so before we can't say it at all.

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